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Looking to install heating controls at your home or business? Call us today


Liberty Electrical provide clients in Dublin and surrounding Counties with a comprehensive installation, maintenance and repair service for heating control systems.

Running heating systems without heating controls can be wasteful and costly as you are unable to manage the amount of heat you require to heat your home and hot water.

Introducing heating controls will allow you to schedule heating and hot water in line with your working and living patterns and turn it off when it is not required. We work with all types of central heating controls, including thermostatic radiator valves, motorised valves and central heating time switches.

All heating control installations, maintenance and repair works are carried out by our team of fully qualified and highly experienced team of electricians. We guarantee that all heating control systems will be up to the highest industry standards.

Liberty Electrical

Get in touch with our smart heating controls installation team in Dublin and surrounding Counties

Benefits Of Installing Heating Controls At Your Property

Improved energy efficiency

Increased comfort levels

Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions

Reduced energy bills


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I programme my heating controls?

Modern heating controls are very user friendly and provide individuals with a range of flexible options to customise their home heating preferences. If you have any questions for our team during the time of installation, Liberty Electrical will be able to guide and assist you when setting up your heating control system.

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